Safe and convenient rehabilitation with the CombiPack

Securely packaged in a bag, the wrapped and pre-cut PL® GlasfaserMatte glass-fibre matting and the sufficient quantity of multi Point-Liner® resin is ready-to-use in a PL® Point-Liner® system. Time-consuming jobs, such as cutting the mat or calculating and preparing the resin required, are eliminated.

Fast and safe working is guaranteed with the PL® miniSet, a compact system with all necessary components and tools for the PL® Point-Liner® system.

CombiPack facts:

    • Ready-for-use with a PL® Point-Liner® system
    • Time-consuming extra jobs are eliminated
    • Particularly practical for small pipe cleaning vehicles
    • Available individually for immediate delivery
    • Low storage costs
    • Available for all nominal diameters, lengths and wall thicknesses
    • Coordinated with the applications of the PL® Packer and also available in custom sizes on request

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