PL®-Point-Liner® System

PL®-Point-Liner® System

The classic for partial rehabilitation in the short-liner procedure

The PL® Point-Liner® system was developed in-house by Bodenbender and over the past 20 years has set the quality standard in partial rehabilitation using short liners. Often copied but never matched, the PL® Point-Liner® system is a tried and tested ‘classic’ in partial rehabilitation!

PL® Point-Liner® system facts:

  • Complete package for amateurs and professionals
  • Challenging sewer rehabilitation with minimal effort
  • Highest quality standards
  • DIBt-certified (DIBT approval Z-42.3-397)
  • Already more than 350,000 PL® Point-Liner® systems installed worldwide
  • Exceeds all expected working lives for sewer rehabilitation
  • Non Hazardous
  • Long shelf life

Convenient and efficient with the CombiPack

The CombiPack is designed to be easy, fast and efficient!

With the CombiPack we offer a safe and fast procedure through pre-measured packages, and can also guarantee a flexible procedure through the sale of large packaging units. The two-chamber bags filled with polyurethane multi Point-Liner® resin eliminates the time-intensive and difficult weighing out of individual components so that mixing errors are eliminated! After the istallment the included plastic foil can be wraped up and be thrown away in the trash.

WIth the CombiPack you can install a Point-Liner® in less than 10 minutes and because of the fast curing PU Resin the job will be done between 1.5 and 2 hours. CombiPacks are available for pipe diameters from 100mm (4”) up to 400 mm (15”).

Check out the CombiPack

Advantages with Bodenbender GmbH:

  • Personal training (at the Bodenbender Akademie or on your building site, as preferred)
  • Impressive demonstrations on your premises by our experienced application engineers

We ship our Point-Liner® products worldwide! If you are interessted in the product feel free to contact us.

If you are interessted in reselling the Point-Liner® products in your country contact us as well. We are always looking for dedicated distributors worldwide!