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PL®-Point-Liner® System

PL®-Point-Liner® System

The classic system of partial restoration in the short liner method

The PL®-Point-Liner® system was developed by Bodenbender and has been setting the qualitative benchmark for short liner restoration  for more than 20 years. Often copied but never achieved in quality, the PL®-Point-Liner® System is the tried and tested “classic” in the field of partial restoration!

PL®-Point-Liner® system facts:

  • Complete package for beginners and professionals
  • Compatible with existing packer systems
  • Full cost control through packaged units
  • Cost effective due to low consumption
  • Challenging sewer rehabilitation with minimal effort
  • Curing within 1.5 and 2 hours
  • highest quality standards
  • DIBt certified (DIBT approval Z-42.3-397)
  • More than 350,000 PL®-Point-Liner® installed worldwide
  • exceeds all scheduled service lives for sewer repairs

Details on the pages of each system component

The Point-Liner® components:

Fast and efficient with the Combi-Pack

With pre-measured units, we offer a safe and fast way of working with our CombiPack and can also guarantee flexibility by selling larger packaging units. The multi point-liner® resin filled in two-chamber bags safes time and eliminates errors at the weighing of individual components – mixing errors are excluded!

Your plus with Bodenbender GmbH:

  • personal training (on request in the Bodenbender Academy or on your construction site)
  • Impressive demonstrations in your house by our experienced application engineers
  • best quality through coordinated materials
  • Intensive care
  • Deliveries from own production until the next working day

Avoid mistakes:

Our double-chamber resin bags are filled with the right mixing ratio of resin and hardener. You can be sure that you will never make a mistake in weighing and achieve factory tested quality in all your Point-Liner® installations. In addition, the consumption with the multi Point-Liner® resin is significantly lower than with other resin systems and nothing is wasted. Save money through low consumption without sacrificing top quality!

“The Point-Liner® system requires approximately 1 kg of resin per square meter of fiberglass mat, which is documented in the DIBt approval of the Point-Liner® system.”

The PL®-miniSet:

With the PL-miniSet beginners get everything they need to install the Point-Liner® system. Learn here what is included in the miniSet.

Point-Liner® components:

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